WordPress is Amazing

There are two things I love about WordPress.  First, it's a powerful programming environment for writing your own custom tools and plugins. Second, the overall WordPress ecosystem is so vast that you can find almost any look or feel or widget you need for a website.


I like to start with a cool theme and imagine the possibilities for a site. There are so many WordPress themes to choose from, and many are free.  Just browse until one catches your eye.


Next I love working with good pictures and artwork. Great photos combined with careful photo editing can really make a site sizzle. But I also want the site to perform well so I use tools for image optimization and responsiveness.


I love writing and I love reading well-written content.  I try to make sure my text is proofread and edited for grammar, punctuation, clarity and overall impact.  I like the message to get through.

Your website is your new business card

Many entrepreneurs are finding that customers want to read about their business online, even if the work doesn't take place online.  If you are a landscaping expert your customers want to go to your website to see photographs of gardens.

Bill Branley

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