Bill's biography (short version)...

I was born and raised in New Orleans and attended college as a piano major.  Throughout my youth I was immersed in rock and classical music, and quite a bit of New Orleans style jazz (which shows up in some of my tracks).  However at a certain point in my educational career I changed my major to computer technology and continued to play classical piano as a hobby.

Eventually I moved to Seattle and branched out into the jazz scene there and learned from some great teachers. I played in several bands and was fortunate to attend the Port Townsend Jazz Workshop for three years (2013, 2015, 2015) as a pianist and got to perform live with some amazing jazz artists.  This jazz experience is one of the best there is, whether you're a player or a listener.

Port Townsend Jazz 2022 - Mainstage Concerts

In 2017 I began to get good ideas for my own compositions and started composing for electronic instruments using Ableton Live. I love the rich palette of sounds and textures I get from sources like Spitfire Audio, Native Instruments, Ableton, Universal Audio, and others.  The music I heard throughout my life suddenly became material for compositions.  Everything from rock, R&B, classical, all styles of jazz, New Age music, modern rap and hip hop, radio pop, and world beat sounds from India and Africa all seem to find a home in a particular beat, or harmony, or voicing. 

I also find my own original sounds through sampling, vocalizing, and recording experimental passages on conventional instruments, such as a grand piano, ukulele and melodica.

For me the ultimate goal is self expression. I keep trying to find that groove that feels exactly right for me.