Bill in Rainier Beach

Hello, and welcome to my portfolio site. I am a writer and I like to write. I began my writing career as a journalist in the Army. My first job was doing stories and photography for a weekly Army newspaper in North Carolina. That job helped me get pretty good at my craft. After about four years on that newspaper I went to an Army magazine in Virginia and honed my photojournalism skills even further. But then my itinerant nature took over and I left journalism to go to Officer Candidate School and join the Infantry. I wanted to be on the other side of the interview notebook. Over the years I wrote some fiction and non-fiction and screenplays, and did a lot of reading . I’m attracted to journeys. Everyone’s life is some kind of journey. The trick is to figure out what kind of journey you’re on. I write so I can figure out my journey. I’m seeing signs of progress.

On this site you can read a few shorter works on the Stories page, or you could check out my larger works on the Books page. You will find some other content as well, such as music, photography, videos, some snatches of artwork here and there. These artifacts have helped me figure out my journey of discovery. They are valuable to me so I put some of that content on this site. Feel free to browse.

Thank you for visiting!