Bill in Rainier Beach

Welcome to my portfolio of stuff. I have a lot of hobbies, and they’re all fun. But I believe that sharing our creative work is an important part of the process. You might be tempted to say that your work is not really that good or interesting. But the truth is that there will be people who like what you do and people who don’t like it, and people who are indifferent. It doesn’t matter. If you create something that resonates with a few people then you are doing your job as an artist. The other night I was watching the Grammys and I heard Drake make an interesting comment during his acceptance speech. He said, If you have an audience you’re already a success. That’s very profound. It means the creative process is much bigger than just you or me sitting down and doing our fun hobbies.

Back in the day you could see my photographs by coming to my house and looking at a photo album. You could read my stories in a magazine or newspaper or book that would be lying around. If you wanted to hear some music I was working on I could go to the piano and play something. You might look on my walls and see some acrylic paintings that I did. If you wanted to see a video I could set up a projector and show you a short flick or two. All of that was fun because in addition to looking at stuff there was also the visiting and socializing, and of course some food and beverages were involved.

But along came the Internet and it became possible to share stuff online. I initially created a “portfolio site” on this domain in 2005. I thought it was pretty cool at the time. It had a lot of content and I like the way it was organized. But in 2019 I discovered the amazing power of a good content management system, such as WordPress. WordPress allows you to load all your stuff into a library of media and then, separate from the media, you can discover the best ways of showing your work to people by experimenting with themes and plugins. Yes I’m using some WordPress jargon, but you quickly get past the jargon and learn to use the tools comfortably and naturally. Meanwhile your precious content sits there in the media library waiting patiently for you to stop playing around. But if you really don’t like messing around with the technology then you can hire somebody like me to do it for you. Ha! How’s that for a stealth commercial!

Thanks for visiting this site. You can browse around and look and listen and watch and read. Enjoy!